Mass Effect Trilogy N7 Day 11x17 Inch Open Edition
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Mass Effect Trilogy N7 Day 11x17 Inch Open Edition


    This piece was created to commemorate the beloved Mass Effect Trilogy.  To celebrate everything we love about the games, I've included all squadmates, both genders of Commander Shepard, the Normandy, and of course the beloved/hated Mako.  

    Available as a standard 11x17 inch print, a premium 18x27 inch fine art edition print, or a 24x36 inch unstretched canvas print.  Please read the important information below for the 18x27" and 24x36" options.

    The Mass Effect 18x27" fine art edition prints and 24x36" unstretched canvas prints are created in partnership with a bespoke printshop to ensure high quality.  Because they must be shipped separately, they cannot be combined with any other noncanvas or non18x27" art print in an order.  Please place separate orders to prevent order delays.  The 18x27" fine art and 24x36" canvas prints will ship in 1-2 weeks after placing your order.

    Watermark free.

    Comes unsigned.

    Does not include frame.